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Armenian Museums – The Importance of Transformational Change

Rapid Response Memo - Dec 2022 (#00560)
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This report identified 49 Armenian museums worldwide that have a significant role in the preservation, study, and dissemination of Armenian cultural heritage. Very unique to this analysis is the deep dive into the financial statements and tax filings of 7 of these foundations. The study of the current situation of the Armenian museums pointed out several issues. Many of them are stagnated or closed, or in danger of disappearing, so a transformational change is needed. However, some are potential benchmarks for growth. Learn about their importance in educational and social platforms within communities. Gain knowledge about works in all art branches that document the nation's experience through centuries of struggle and war that strongly affected the spread of the culture.

By reading this report, you should expect to learn the following:


  1. Which are the biggest Armenian museums worldwide helping to spread the Armenian culture?
  2. Where are they located?
  3. How big are they in terms of revenue generated, assets held and visitors received?
  4. How are some of these museums raising funds to operate?
  5. Are governments contributing in any way to the development of these museums?
  6. Who are the biggest contributors?
  7. How have some of these museums done financially over the past years?
  8. Who owns these museums?
  9. How much are top executives collecting?
  10. Other financial and operating facts regarding each museum.