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Bank Liability and Indemnification

High Value-Add Analysis - Jan 2023 (#00581)
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A micro-level benchmarking analysis of a sampling of premier financial institutions headquartered in the UK, US, and Switzerland with a focus on the liability and indemnification clauses in account opening documents. From this framework, the reader will see an apples-to-apples comparison of both bank and client liability and indemnification provisions. Key words are highlighted in the analysis to facilitate a more rapid understanding of the most opaque and dense text. The framework provides a summary matrix with overall ranking scale. The bank identity is protected using code names and neutral edits, and summarizations. This HVA provides all the Excel backup information.

Important insights senior-decision makers will gain from this HVA include:

1. Comparative ranking of each bank by both criteria and total rank.

2. Comparison of client liability and indemnification standards

3. Comparisons of bank liability and indemnification standards

4. Comparison of indirect losses exposure for both bank and client

5. Comparison of bank acceptance of government rights granted to clients

6. Identification of governing law for each bank