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EV Investing - Essential Analytical Insights

High Value-Add Analysis - Dec 2022 (#00573)
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Discover essential analytical insights beyond the marketing messages propagated by the vested interests regarding one of the mostly highly promoted investment spaces, Electric Vehicles. In this uniquely insightful analysis, you will find a distinctive framework to assess the performance of EV related companies over the past decade plus. EVs are marketed as offering the holy grail of the investment world with a globally diverse list of powerful agents advocating the profit to be won give the urgency of shifting away from combustion engines to fight climate change. This work product contains deep analysis of numerous primary and data market sources of 19 publicly traded EV from around the global dating back to the emergence of the space. This HVA provides all the Excel backup information.

Important insights senior-decision makers will gain from this HVA include:


  1. What was the investment performance of all 19 EVs over the past decade?
  1. How much have these companies raised in equity offerings since IPO and the impact on investor returns?
  1. How much would investors have gained or lost if they invested in all the equity offering of the 19 EVs?
  1. Who are the biggest EV winners and losers from an investor perspective?
  1. How has best-in-class Tesla and BYD performed relative to the other 17 EVs?
  1. How to assess the marketing pitch "if you had bought in the IPO and held the stock today"?
  1. What has been Tesla's annual investor performance over its entire life as a public company compared to the NASDAQ?
  1. How to properly adjust for stock splits to avoid the pit falls of unadjusted numbers?
  1. What is the ranking of the 19 EVs from an investor perspective?
  1. What insights can be gained from applying statistical metrics to the investor performance?