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India CFO Compensation Benchmarking

High Value-Add Analysis - Feb 2023 (#00582)
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As the world has awakened to effectively globally remote working professional, India is a valuable benchmark for senior financial executive compensation for government, NGOs, and business. In this insightful analysis, the reader will be able to access the cash compensation of top executives in 18 Indian reference firms. Discover whether top executives' compensation is directly tied to firm performance in selected major Indian companies. This HVA provides all the Excel backup information.

Important insights senior-decision makers will gain from this HVA include:

1. Who were the top earners among India's senior executives in 2020?

2. What is the median compensation for an Indian senior executive?

3. How have the 18 benchmark firms performed on the stock market between 2017 and 2019?

4.  Is there a correlation between senior executives compensation and firm performance?

5.  How are Indian senior executives being paid?

6. How does government ownership impact CFO pay, firm sales, and stock market performance?