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NYC Felony Assaults Analysis

Rapid Response Memo - Aug 2022 (#00548)
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This report identifies inconsistencies in the article data on NYC crime levels posted by a leading financial publication between the monthly incidents and annual data per 100,000 population of felony assaults. The article provides analysis of crime data by illustrating two charts and states that felony assaults have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. In-depth research of NYC official crime statistics data provided by corresponding agencies and presented in this report shows a mismatch between the official data and article’s chart data of annual felony assaults per 100,000 population in NYC. The reader of this report will discover that there is a need of clarification on felony assaults data presented in the article as the monthly incidents chart does not support that of annual chart.

By reading this report, you should expect to learn the following:

  1. What type of inconsistencies were found within the graphs in the article?
  2. Is there a mismatch between the article’s numbers and the official sources’ data?
  3. Do the discrepancies impact the overall conclusion of the article?
  4. How have criminality numbers in NYC evolved over the past decades?