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Russia vs West- Which Government is Winning the Financial Battle

High Value-Add Analysis - Nov 2022 (#00567)
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Find an insightful analysis beyond what is widely propagated by the western media regarding the financial performance of major economies over the past decades. Discover a unique framework which unbiasedly evaluates and ranks the financial performance of Russia against regarded benchmark western economies and preeminent emerging economies. This research based on CW (Citizens' Wealth) metrics will allow to better comprehend the implications political and financial decisions of the past decades have had on countries' national accounts and its citizens' well being. The Citizens’ Wealth (CW) indicator is a quantum leap improvement over the debt and deficit as percentage of GDP metrics. CW provides a true and fair picture of government financial performance and position and the relationship to GDP for both historical and international comparison. Countries included in this analysis are: Russia, USA, UK, France, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. This HVA provides all the Excel backup information.

Important insights senior decision-makers will gain from this HVA include:

  1. How does Russia performance over the past two decades compares with the financial performance of major western economies?
  1. Since the beginning of the century, how has Russia performed against selected preeminent emerging economies?
  1. How has Citizens' Wealth 2 and 3 evolved over the past 20 years in these 7 countries?
  1. Are citizens better off now, than they were at the beginning of the century?
  1. Are there any trend changes in between decades?
  1. How much value was created / destroyed in CW terms over the past two decades?
  1. How much debt did these countries incur in order to allow for GDP expansion?
  1. What has been the evolution of GDP, CW and Debt per capita throughout the analyzed period?
  1. How is IMF projecting these countries to perform financially in the next 5 years?
  1. Which local currencies had the bigger appreciation / depreciation over the period?