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JI‑Analytics is a global high value‑add benchmarking and best practices analytics firm.  Our mission is to produce the world’s best Excel based global high value-add benchmarking and best practices analytics, for senior decision‑makers facing the most important challenges at the intersection of Government, NGOs, and Business.

JI‑Analytics is a start‑up, seed funded and incubated by the Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation.

JI‑Analytics analyses cover three verticals: environmental, social, and public governance. Many of the analyses cross two or more verticals.  Illustrative examples of crossover analyses include (in alphabetical order): Citizens’ Wealth performance metrics for 193 countries/governments updated semi-annually, electric vehicles industry performance, global financial contracts, government action financial impact, public financial management, public healthcare management, and public pension fund investment performance.

JI‑Analytics has produced 572 high value‑add analyses and reports.  Our analyses empower senior decision‑makers to accomplish the “3‑Highs”: (i) high value‑add, (ii) high return on resources, and (iii) high impact.  In addition to accomplishing the “3‑Highs”, JI‑Analytics’ analyses can be used to improve performance in what we refer to as the “4‑Es”:  1. Embracing global benchmarks and high value‑add best practices; 2. Expanding internal and external training; 3. Evaluating new investment decisions; and 4. Enabling independent third‑party verification.

Click here to find a select number of our best high value‑add analyses (“HVAs”) and reports, available at the JI-Analytics online store, which is currently live in beta.


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