JI‑Analytics analyses cover three verticals: environmental, social, and public governance. Many of the
analyses cross two or more verticals.  Illustrative examples of crossover analyses include (in alphabetical order): Citizens’ Wealth performance metrics for 189 countries/governments updated semi-annually, electric vehicles industry performance, global financial contracts, government action financial impact, public financial management, public healthcare management, and public pension fund investment performance.

JI‑Analytics cares about Government Financial Management because government financial decisions directly affect the probability of debt, currency, and financial crises, which have a disproportionally large impact on society’s most disadvantaged.”

JI‑Analytics has made a select number of our best high value‑add analyses and reports, available at the JI-Analytics online store, which is currently live in beta.

Our high value-add analyses (“HVAs”) are priced at a very small percentage of their fair market value, in order to increase the distribution and social return on investment. For bulk pricing, please contact info@jianalytics.com.