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High Value-Add Analytics - July 2023 (#00575)
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High Value-add Analytics #575 (HVA #575) provides groundbreaking analytics of the government of the Republic of Armenia financial performance and position versus global benchmarks, and contextual analytics of 67 of the largest Armenian-related philanthropic organizations in the world. Senior government and philanthropic decision-makers should care about Armenian government financial performance benchmarking and the Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF), because government financial decisions directly affect the probability and consequences of debt, currency, and financial crises, which have a disproportionally large impact on Armenia's most
financially vulnerable.

  • Learn how innovative frameworks can highlight important insights for senior decision-makers seeking global benchmarks and high value-add best practices, including Government Financial Management (GFM).
  • Learn Armenia’s Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs and the Government Total Balance Sheet (GTBS), and compare to global benchmarks Estonia and New Zealand, with a focus on 2012 to projected 2027.
  • Learn how to educate stakeholders on the importance of Citizens’ Wealth using the Government Total Balance Sheet (GTBS) based on international public sector accounting standards, in contrast with the financial debt and deficit metrics, which by definition include only a fraction of the GTBS and only include cash outflows not economic costs, respectively.
  • Discover highly insightful Excel-based analytics of 67 Armenian philanthropic organizations, based on primary sources numeric information from annual reports, financial statements, tax filings, audit reports, and supplemental sources (2010 to 2022).
  • HVA #575 provides 63 analytics Excel files.

Additional knowledge, from a financial perspective, senior decision-makers will quickly gain from HVA #575:

  1. Citizens’ Wealth (CW1):  How has Armenia's Citizens' Wealth (KPI #9) evolved over the past decade?
  1. Government Total Net Worth (GTNW):  What basic information should I know about the Armenian government financial performance, Government Total Balance Sheet (GTBS), and Net Worth of the Armenian government?
  1. Comparison of Armenia with global benchmarks: How do Armenia's Citizens' Wealth 12 KPIs, GTBS metrics, government spending, and GDP compare to global benchmarks Estonia and New Zealand?
  1. Armenian Government Expenditures: On what does the Armenian government spend its resources?
  1. Armenian Government Budget: How has the Armenian government's spending changed over the past decade and how have allocations by category changed?
  1. Philanthropic Organizations Expenses vs. Government Expenditures:  How do Armenian-related philanthropic organizations' total donations compare to government total spending, both historically and projected?
  1. Philanthropic - Net Assets and Expenses: What are important metrics ranking the largest Armenian-related philanthropic organizations, including net assets and spending?
  1. Philanthropic - Contributions:  How much has one of the largest Armenian philanthropic organizations received in contributions, and how were these amounts spent?
  1. Philanthropic - Beneficiaries:  Who are the beneficiaries of the largest philanthropic organizations?
  1. Philanthropic - Important Insights:  Which important insights, such as details on beneficiaries and changes over time, can be learned about the largest Armenian philanthropic organizations, including: Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), Armenian Church Endowment Fund, Armenian Missionary Association of America, Hayastan All Armenian Fund, Armenia Fund Inc., JHM Charitable Foundation, The Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation, The H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, and The Lincy Foundation?