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Analytical Insights into Armenian Philanthropic Organizations

High Value-Add Analysis - Feb 2023 (#00575)
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Dive into an insightful analytics covering 32 of the largest Armenian-related private foundations. Extraordinarily unique is the innovative framework analysing financial statements and tax filings of these foundations, some dating back as far as 10 years. Based on data available to the public, get familiarized with the key financial metrics of these institutions (with max, min, median and average calculations), and the size and nature of their donations. Key financial metrics include the following: Net Assets; Total Assets; Total Expenses; Operating and Administrative Expenses; Contributions, Gifts, and Grants (Expenses); Total Revenues; Contributions, Gifts, and Grants (Income). This high value-add analysis (HVA) also contains a combined detail of contributions paid by the foundations, in a ranked order, and more detailed analytics on several large foundations.

Important insights senior decision-makers will gain from this high value-add analysis include:

  1. Which are the largest Armenian-related private foundations?
  1. How much do they have in total assets and net assets held?
  1. How much are they generating in revenue?
  1. How much are they spending?
  1. How are they being funded?
  1. Who are the biggest contributors?
  1. Who were the main beneficiaries of their donations?
  1. How much are top executives collecting in compensation?