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Armenia: Government Financial Performance and the Diaspora's Philanthropic Landscape

High Value-Add Analysis - Mar 2023 (#00575)
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Dive into an unprecedented and extraordinary analysis of 59 of the largest Armenian related philanthropic organizations in the world and – as background – the financial performance and position of the government of the Republic of Armenia. Discover unique and innovative frameworks for analyzing financial statements and tax filings of these philanthropic organizations and the government, dating as far as 10 years. Learn Armenia’s Citizens’ Wealth indicators and the total government balance sheet. See the rankings, means, medians, minimums and maximums of key philanthropic organizations' financial metrics, such as: Net Assets; Total Assets; Total Expenses; Operating and Administrative Expenses; Contributions, Gifts, and Grants (Expenses); Total Revenues; Contributions, Gifts, and Grants (Income). This HVA provides all the Excel backup information.

Important insights senior decision-makers will gain from this high value-add analysis include:

1. How has Armenia's Citizens' Wealth evolved over the past decade?

2. What basic information should I know about the financial performance, balance sheet, and Net Worth of the Armenian government?

3. How do Armenia's GDP and government spending compare to the ones of France and the US?

4. On what does the Armenian government spend its revenues?

5. What is the density and size of the Armenian diaspora by country?

6. How do Armenian-related philanthropic organizations' total donations compare to government total spending?

7. What are important metrics ranking the largest Armenian-related philanthropic organizations, including net assets and spending?

8. Who are the beneficiaries of the largest philanthropic organizations?

9. How are Armenian philanthropic organizations’ top executives compensated?

10. Which important insights, such as details on beneficiaries and changes over time, can be learned about the largest Armenian philanthropic organizations, including: The AGBU, The Armenian Church Endowment Fund, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, JHM Charitable Foundation, The Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation, The H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, and The Lincy Foundation?