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High Value-Add Analytics - Oct 2023 (#00603)
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High Value-add Analytics #603 (HVA #603) provides a uniquely insightful and important Analytics into the government financial performance of global benchmark New Zealand for the past five years (2017-2022) by using the Citizens’ Wealth framework and its 12 KPIs.

We, our customers, and our clients care about government financial performance benchmarking and the Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF), because government financial decisions directly affect the probability and consequences of debt, currency, and financial crises, which have a disproportionally large impact on society’s most financially vulnerable.

  • Learn why the Citizens' Wealth framework and its 12 KPIs have been called both "a quantum leap in government financial performance management" and "the greatest advance in sovereign risk analysis".
  • Learn how to use the Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs to better understand and make higher integrity government financial prioritization and impact decisions.
  • HVA #603 provides 42 analytics Excel files.

Additional knowledge, from a financial perspective, senior decision-makers will quickly gain from HVA #603:

  1. Key numbers to remember when analyzing the government financial performance of New Zealand.
  2. The Citizens’ Wealth framework with its 12 KPIs.
  3. Comparison of New Zealand Citizens' Wealth 2017-2022 Actual vs. Forecasted with four scenarios of nominal / real GDP and Government Total Net Worth as reported / adjusted for PP&E revaluations.
  4. Taxpayer Funds between 2018 and 2022 comparison of actual vs. forecasted.
  5. Contribution of the PP&E Revaluation Reserve to the Net Worth attributable to the Crown from 2018 to 2022.
  6. PP&E Annual Revaluations as a percentage of prior year PP&E.
  7. Comparison of actual and forecasted Gross and Net Debt figures for 2018-2022 by IMF and the New Zealand Government.
  8. Gross and Net Debt terms, components, and numbers for 2017 and 2022.