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Powerful Hidden Insights into Southern European Governments Financial Performance: 2012-2022 and 2017-2022

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High Value-Add Analysis - June 2023 (#00577)
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High Value-Add Analysis #577 (HVA #577) provides powerful hidden insights into the financial performance of five major southern European governments for the past ten and five years (2012-2022 and 2017-2022) by using the Citizens’ Wealth framework and its 12 KPIs. The five major southern European countries are: France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain (the peers).

Senior decision-makers should care about government financial performance and position because government financial decisions directly affect the probability of debt, currency, and financial crises, which have a disproportionally large impact on the most financially vulnerable.

  • Learn why the Citizens' Wealth framework and its 12 KPIs have been called both "a quantum leap in government financial performance management" and "the greatest advance in sovereign risk analysis".
  • Learn how to use the Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs to better understand and make higher integrity government financial prioritization and impact decisions.
  • Learn how to use historical, current, and projected Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs for single government financial analyses and peer government benchmarking comparison.
  • Learn how to educate stakeholders on the benefits of using Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs to assess sovereign credit.
  • Learn how to educate stakeholders on the importance of Citizens’ Wealth using the Government Total Balance Sheet (GTBS) based on international public sector accounting standards, in contrast with the financial debt and deficit metrics, which by definition include only a fraction of the GTBS and only include cash outflows not economic costs, respectively.
  • HVA #577 provides Excel files.

Additional knowledge, from a financial perspective, senior decision-makers will quickly gain from HVA #577:

  1. Key numbers to remember when analyzing the aggregated Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs and comparing the peers.
  2. The Citizens’ Wealth framework terminology.
  3. The top and bottom performers among the peers on the Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs.
  4. Citizens Wealth 12 KPIs rankings and credit ratings of the peers.
  5. Single page Citizens’ Wealth 12 KPIs ranking and supporting numbers of the peers, including two time periods and the three Citizens’ Wealth alternative definitions.
  6. Unprecedented and pioneering insights into the peers GTBS based on true and fair international public sector accounting standards.
  7. A table of contents listing the 25 analyses in HVA #577.